Kitchen worktops are subject to enormous wear and tear during their lifespan, items can be dropped on them leaving scratches or dents, they can be stained, or sometimes even large chips or chucks are accidentally lost. This can leave your kitchen looking tired and dull and sometimes can have safety issues as well. This is where a repair hero can save the day.

We can repair any chips, dents or scratches on your kitchen or bathroom worktops. We can work with almost all surfaces, including laminate, wood, granite, marble & more. with experience in the repair industry we have developed techniques for fixing scratches & chips , you’ll be amazed by the results!

Anything that is too inconvenient to take off,can be sprayed in situ after everything has been carefully masked up and covered. Tired old doors can be repainted or lacquered. Old style doors can be stripped and laquered to a more modern lighter or vibrant colour. They can also be spray painted to match any colour you choose.

We specialize in repairing, filling and respraying kitchens. We always finish to a quality smooth spray finish unlike a brush painted finish.

In a lot of areas of older kitchens eg. under the sink, the paint may be badly flaking and the doors, drawer fronts, inframes and gables will look in generally poor condition. This is not a problem as it will be sanded, filled, primered and painted to look like new and fresh. It’s not just worktops and countertop repairs, we can repair practically any hard surface. If you want to find out if we can help you then, simply get in touch with us, chances are we’ll have hero that can help.
We want the process to be as easy as possible for you so simply call us on 0121 6674111
We can arrange a viewing. Alternatively, email us at INFO@REPAIRHEROES.CO.UK with a picture of the subject area with your contact details, what you want to do to the area and in what time frames and where possible we will come back to you with a solution, a cost and a rough time scale.