If you have an extension, alteration or repair that doesn’t quite match, we can tint the bricks so that they do, ultimately adding value and appeal to your home.

There are different reasons why the bricks may not match. For example, older bricks may age over time so they do not match the new bricks or mortar; the bricks may be discontinued, they may have been covered for length of time they may be expensive or there may be limited availability or even marked by graffiti, what ever it is repair hero has got you covered.

Using repair heroes tinting techniques, we create seamless matches between new and old brickwork, both on interior and exterior brickwork and mortar. We can tint for extensions, garage conversions, conservatory walls, window installations and boundary walls.

The process itself involves applying a colour fast, oxide-based pigment with potassium silicate onto the brick to permanently colour the brick. In essence, the Colour Brick tinting becomes a piece of art and is all hand applied by our fitters. The solution penetrates into the brick, creating a coating which remains unaffected by any extremes of weather or UV radiation. The clever aspect is that it can breathe the same way as an untreated surface and so will oxidise and weather at the same rate as the untreated bricks.

Repair hero can work alongside you every step of the way a one stop repair and matching solution to add value to your property.

We want the process to be as easy as possible for you so simply call us on 0121 6674111
 We can arrange a viewing. Alternatively, email us at INFO@REPAIRHEROES.CO.UK with a picture of the subject area with your contact details, what you want to do to the area and in what time frames and where possible we will come back to you with a solution, a cost and a rough time scale.